A visa is an official permit to enter and stay in another country. A visa is granted by the country of destination. This is in order for the country of destination to control who enters their country. Some countries require that the visa application process happens before the arrival in the country of destination. This can be done by the local authorities of the country of destination (like the embassy or consulate) or by our own visa and immigration specialist Immipoint.

We are the only one in the Netherlands offering:

  • Full guidance (Full service) of your visa application from beginning to end. This is for all types of visa (e.g., business visa, work visa, Schengen visa, single, double or multiple entry) and can be done from the Netherlands or abroad.

Full service business and work visa application in the Netherlands or abroad

Do you not know how to apply for a visa or do you just not have the time? We can help arrange and guide your complete visa application from beginning to end.


  1. The application process will not take you much time.
  2. You will only have to fill out 1 questionnaire form and we will take care of the rest (among others: letter of invitation, letter of guarantee, insurance declaration, online or offline application form)
  3. Your documents will be picked up and delivered by an overnight courier
  4. We will make sure that your application will be submitted through our reliable visa agent (also for offices abroad)
  5. We will keep you informed throughout the whole application process.
  6. We will charge the costs on account. This means you will not have to pay in advance to get back your passport.

What are the differences between a single, a double and a multiple entry visa?

A single entry visa allows a person to enter the country once. A new visa is required if the person wishes to enter the country again. A double entry visa allows a person to enter the country twice within the validity of the visa. A multiple entry visa allows a person to enter the country an unlimited number of times, as long as the visa is still valid and only for the permitted duration of stay in that country.

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