Gerry Heiligers – Bisis Consultancy

Gerry Heiligers is the founder and CEO of BISIS Consultancy. She provides worldwide education consultancy to expat children of all nationalities. These children often go with their expat parents on an assignment abroad. The education of their children can be a reason for expats to turn down an assignment. Expats are inadequately informed of the possibilities on continuing their children’s education in the country of destination. We can provide the expat and their family with guidance on how to find the right education and school for their children in their country of destination.

Choosing the right education is step one. Our professionals, however, go beyond this step and also monitor the progression of the children’s education during the entire assignment. The expat, their family and the company will be guaranteed that their children’s education will not suffer in any way from the assignment, both during the assignment itself and on returning to their home country.

  • Consultancy on the choice of education
  • Preparing for the education in a new language
  • Guidance with the application of the children
  • Guidance on retaining the native language
  • Monitoring the level of education of the new school during leave of absence (if applicable)
  • Guidance and support with the return to the country of origin as well as with a new challenge

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