Clementine Baan – Immipoint

Starting a new job in a new country brings along dozens of challenges.

From learning a new language and culture to making new contacts and applying for the right visa.

Immipoint can help you with the latter and will make sure that your (temporary) employment in a new country will run smoothly.

Immipoint provides professional advice and support to companies seeking to (temporarily) transfer their employees to any country in the world, regardless of nationality.

Immipoint operates worldwide.

20 years of experiences makes Immipoint the perfect choice to guide the employee with their preparation of their new life abroad.

Our team of professionals will give you the personal guidance you need, 24 hours a days and 7 days a week if necessary.

We offer you full guidance (Full Service) with the application of every visa (among others, business visa, work visa, Schengen visa, single, double and multiple entry, work and residence permit) so you will be able to prepare for your business trip or new life abroad without any additional worries.

The Only One in the Netherlands

Do you not know how to apply for a visa or do you just not have the time? We are the only one in the Netherlands that can help arrange and guide your complete visa application from beginning to end.