Partner support

Information on the support of partners of expatriates, impatriates and locals.

A growing number of partners of expats find themselves unable to join their partner on their assignment abroad because of their own personal or professional career. For these partners, BISIS can provide information and guidance on, for example, enrolling in a study program in line with their previous degree or on starting a brand new degree. This situation can be beneficial for both the expat and their partner: the partner will be able to join their spouse and will on return to their home country be able to continue their career and add a new degree and international experience to their resume.

  • Before, during and after the assignment abroad, we will provide professional advice on the various educational options
  • We will provide advice and guidance on choosing the right study program
  • We will provide guidance throughout the application process
  • We will provide advice on language preparation (when necessary)
  • We will provide advice and guidance on the formalities of recognizing the degree certificates on return to the home country

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