Living space is the Netherlands is scarce, especially in and around the bigger cities. A lot of preparations need to be made, even before your employee arrives in the Netherlands, to ensure your employee will find a home. Because of this, Network Netherlands asks your employee about their housing requirements in advance which enables them to already contact real estate agents. Immediately after your employee arrives in the Netherlands, we can start with the property viewings of at least 6-8 (furnished) houses or apartments, which fit the housing requirements of your employee.

Guidance rental contracts and basic housing facilities

As soon as the employee decides which house or apartment they want to rent, Network Netherlands will start the negotiations with the real estate agents/landlord. These negotiations will not just be about the price but will also be about, for example, whether a dishwasher or dryer is included in the inventory. Our office provides assistance with the rental contract, organizes the check ins and makes sure (if necessary) gas, water, light, cable and internet will be available in your employee’s new home.

Flexible and independent service
Network Netherlands operates as an independent partner for both the employee and the company. The house viewings will be planned in accordance with the suitability of the employee either before or after the immigration appointments. Does your employee already want to view and select housing properties before their official arrival in the Netherlands? That is possible. We can organize house viewings of properties, which fit their housing requirements, during their pre-visit. These pre-viewings and pre-selections can benefit the chances of the employee and their family being able to immediately move into their chosen home upon arrival.

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