Going to school, studying abroad, learning a foreign language or discovering a new culture: going on an assignment can offer employees and their families the chance to kick-start an international career.

But how do different educational systems compare to one another? And can the employee’s partner enroll into a course, degree or higher educational program during their partner’s assignment?

BISIS is specialized in providing the right information about international education. BISIS has connections with schools, universities and educational institutes all over the world and has been guiding expats for over 30 years.

An assignment can offer the partner and children of the expat a lot of opportunities for an international career.

BISIS has already guided thousands of employees and their families. We have provided them with information on how they can continue their education during their stay abroad and during their return to their home country.

  • Advice on education worldwide
  • Help and guidance throughout the applications
  • Advice and guidance with the necessary preparations
  • Advice and guidance during the assignment
  • Advice and guidance on re-migration

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