Additional services in the Netherlands

    • Exchange foreign driver’s license
    • Open a bank account
    • Dutch language course
    • Dutch cultural training
    • Work guidance for partners

    Exchange foreign driver’s license

    A driver’s license from outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland is only valid for a limited time in the Netherlands. Your employee’s driver’s license will only be valid for a maximum of 185 days from the moment they come to live in the Netherlands. For the exchange of their driver’s license, your employee needs the following documents:

    • Declaration of eligibility
    • Official translation of foreign driver’s license
    • Disposition 30% allowance rule
    • Valid residence permit

    ESWW will guide you throughout the exchange of your driver’s license.

    Open a bank account:

    We can open a Dutch bank account for your employee after their arrival in the Netherlands.

    The bank has a special division for international customers where they can help and guide your employee in English. Besides opening a bank account, we can also help you with getting various insurances like a liability insurance and a home contents insurance.

    Dutch language course:

    Naturalization in the Netherlands requires a good knowledge of the Dutch language. Children learn the Dutch language by interacting with other children in school. For your employee, it is of importance to learn the Dutch language as fast as possible. ESWW can help you with this as our close collaboration with a recognized language institution allows us to offer your employee various Dutch language courses.

    Dutch cultural training:

    Every country has its own culture and customs.

    In order for your employee to integrate into Dutch society as fast as possible, we advise for them to enroll in a Dutch cultural training. This fun and useful training offers the following classes on Dutch culture:

    • An overview of Dutch history and culture
    • An introduction to Dutch society and business customs
    • Information about the Dutch law and regulations

    ESWW can inform you on the possibilities to enroll in a Dutch cultural training program.

    Work guidance for partners:

    Partners of foreign employees can be registered at, where they will be guided in their search for a job in the Netherlands.

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